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Speed Performance Training Program

Everyone in sports these days is talking about how to most effectively train golfers, tennis players, baseball players, soccer players, boxers and MMA and more to achieve more power and faster speed in their swings, punches or kicks.

The new training component, becoming more increasingly clear as the solution to this goal, is Rotational Hip Speed Training.

With today’s technology and 3D measuring systems we now know how the body moves when delivering these actions. We know what body parts move first and last, and how far and fast they move.

Today’s data shows us that athletes place a large load on the ground with the backward top of their swing, punches, and kicks as well as create a big stretch in their core by separating their hips from shoulders (spinal rotation).

Once a good athlete begins to transition into the forward swing they do so by first rotating their hips, then the torso, arms and hands.

This is known as a good Kinematic Sequence: Hips, Torso, Arms, Hands. 1, 2, 3, 4…


The key to producing serious power is to increase the hip speed. An increase of even 1 mph can equal as much as 15-20 mph in a club, bat, or racquet, or a bit less in hand or foot speed.

The  360 swinging and striking program is a complete, rotational training  protocol that helps athletes to hit faster and farther.

In as little as 10 hours of training twice  a week, athletes will begin to hit the ball farther with less effort.


When studying the Kinematic Sequence of baseball pitchers, golfers, tennis players, boxers and other athletes, it is easy to see how important rotational hip speed is. As a pitcher steps forward with his front leg he preloads (stretches) several muscles. The longer the step, the bigger the muscle stretch and a shortened reflex can occur. The next move is hip rotation and data clearly shows that pitchers with faster hip rotation have faster pitches. The same principle as taking a bigger step off the mound applies, but this time we are pre-loading (stretching) the core muscles with hip rotation preceding torso rotation. The faster the pitcher’s hips rotate, the more elastic power is created and thus passed to the torso and arm. This universal principle applies to a variety of athletic movements.

The Seven Biomechanical Components of the Program:

Alignment: Placement of the body parts is optimal for the skeletal bones to be efficiently used; the muscles have to do less work for the same effect

Range: More range speed is needed so every part of the body has more time to accelerate

Separation: More separation equates to more speed; every part moves independently

Stability: The ability to stay stable while other parts of the body move independently   

Motor Control: The process by which humans use their neuromuscular system to activate and coordinate the muscles and limbs involved in the performance of a motor skill

Sequence: Every part will fire at a different time without blocking or stopping each other due to the consistent motion of the body’s core and hip area, allowing the development of power effortlessly

Strength: The capacity for the muscles to produce for force

Speed:  The more speed on the hip, the faster the arm, the foot, the leg or the extension of each will move

Test to see if you need the 360 Swinging/Striking Program…

Are your hips strong enough?

Before going any further, have someone test your hip strength. You may be surprised how weak these muscles are, even if you follow a good conditioning program.

Hip Strength Test

Speed Performance Trainer GlenviewLie on your stomach, bend both knees 90º, and keeping your knees together, move your feet away from each other as you see in the illustration above.Now have someone hold your feet apart as you try to bring them together. Be sure not to do this test if you have any problems with your knees.

If your hips are strong enough for golf for example, you will be able to snap your feet together so fast you can throw them back across the room. After all, your hip muscles are much bigger than their arm muscles.

But if you are like most golfers, you will have to struggle to bring your feet together.

This means your hips are not strong enough for swinging.

The reason is simple—there is no resistance to hip rotation during the golf, tennis, or baseball swing, so no amount of practice on the range or playing on the court or field will increase your hip strength.

You need resistance to build up strength. To build up hip strength, you need the 360 Swinging/Striking Training Program.

How/why you can increase swing speed to 25 mph?

The lever system, or swing speed multiplier, is the ratio between the distance of your hip joints to the center of rotation, and the distance of the tip of your fingers  (example below), to the center of rotation.

Swing speed multiplier

Swinging and Striking Performance Training
The distance of the hip joint to the center of rotation is 3 inches. The distance from the tip of the finger to the center of rotation is 30 inches. 30 / 3 = 10.
Any increase in hip speed will be multiplied 10 times at the hand. It is the easy, effortless way to add 30 mph to your pitching.

You may be more familiar with another speed multiplier, this one inside a toy propeller.

You know that you can get this toy propeller to fly by turning the stick, but you can’t get it to fly by turning the propeller.

Propeller speed multiplier

That’s because there is a speed multiplier hidden inside this toy. The distance from the outside of the stick to the center of rotation is 1/8th of an inch. The distance from the tip of the propeller to the center of rotation is 4 inches. 4 / 1/8th = 32. The speed you turn the stick will be multiplied 32 times at the tip of the propeller.

When you try to turn the propeller, there is no leverage. The propeller can’t fly.

It’s the same in sports; there is no leverage in your arms. The leverage is all in your hips.

That’s why, if you want to increase your swing speed, it makes more sense to increase the strength and speed of your hips than to increase the strength of your arms. There is no leverage in your arms. Period. So how do you get your hips to go faster? You can’t do it just by trying– because your brain has a speed limiter that controls your hip speed. You need something to break that speed limit. That something is the 360 Swinging/Striking Training Program.

This program is the only exercise program that increases the strength and speed of your hips so that you can easily add up to 25 miles an hour to your swing speed.

We focus on motor control resisting rotation, speeding up rotation, flexibility and biomechanical efficiency. This resistance increases the strength of your hip muscles and the speed of your hips. Most athletes have very weak hips.

The multiplier action of the hips will translate in to the swing as long a proper sequencing of the body is applied. Otherwise, the energy stored in the hip and core will dissipate because of the lack of fluidity of hips. When this movement happens, the right and left sides of the body will have to move at the same time, within the same range of motion and at the same speed. The 360 Swinging/Striking Program will help you achieve that balance in the fastest way possible.

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