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80% of real athletes dedicate to their sports train about 4 to to 5 hours off field,ice or court training a week.
top training centers, like nike, IMG and US Airforce Academy has sports vision training programs.


“360 is the most up-to-date and advanced training that I have found for the high-level athlete or tennis player improving explosivenss, balance and efficient movement on the court or field. The eye and mental training is like nothing else on the market. It was good enough that I had to start participating with my athletes. If you are a top-level athlete, there is no other option in the Chicagoland area.”

Jason Winnegar, USTA High-Performance Coach , Director of Lincolnshire Elite Tennis Academy

“Each day was slightly different and very specific. We worked quite a bit on reaction time which we saw was a weakness of mine. There was lots of stability and balance work which I think are great and very important. I think the eye work was very good. Although it was not as physically strenuous it required a lot of focus which actually helped me in tennis pretty quickly. Also after one session, it helped with my foot speed as we saw in the test. I really liked the format of the circuit going from a slightly more strenuous exercise to a balance one. Helps the body recover but keeps the mind engaged. You get a lot out of it in a short time. Don’t have any complaints really. It was good stuff. Can’t wait to start it up again.I guess I won’t see you until after season”.

Tim kopinski,  University of illinois number 2  singles on the tennis team and ATP points in singles Thanks javier

“I started working with Javier over the summer. The vision training was unbelievable! I noticed an improvement right away with being able to see the baseball better – the eyes are a very important tool.  After training with Javier, my body started to feel healthier and I could see myself getting in better shape. Javier is a great motivator and he will push you every day. I am excited to see how his training helps me this spring.”

Brett Synek, Second Baseman, University of Evansville Baseball Team

“I absolutely love the fitness program at 360 Athlete. It has everything that is needed for anyone to reach their athletic goals. It combines a perfect circuit training-based workout to strengthen specific areas of the body that could not be worked otherwise, with a unique mental training program that can push you to the next level. After beginning this workout, I have experienced improvement in all areas of my athleticism—to a point that I didn’t even know I could be good at some things. My concentration, endurance, speed, agility, explosiveness and perception has improved drastically since starting the program. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve at their sport.”

Jonathan Small, USTA national ranking Top 10, Boys 16s


“I’ve always put in the long hours at the gym. That wasn’t the issue. These past few months I’m finally feeling a dramatic improvement in my game and fitness. I’m done plateauing. It’s liberating. I owe 360 Athlete and Javier Llanes for that.”


Sam Sweeney  ATP points in doubles  2012


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5:00 - 8:00 PM

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