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Most Important Visual Skill

Before an athlete can process input to initiate an action, their eyes must first quickly and accurately capture information. This is a skill that can be improved through training.

Therefore, the first step to having a sound visual system involves the ability of the eyes to work together to quickly transmit high quality detailed data for processing.

Knowing what to look for is a sport IQ skill. And how quickly that information is processed is a brain skill. Strong visual skills, however, will enhance an athlete’s ability to interpret and understand the visual information that is available.

Based on the survey below of practical vision training programs offered by some of the leading international sports vision specialists, we summarize the most important visual skills for elite athletic performance as follows:

Visual Alignment: This allows for good binocular vision and depth perception skills. It requires the eyes to work together efficiently; to move, align, and focus as a team.

Visual Flexibility: Improves eye muscle endurance, concentration, saccadic movement, as well as pursuit and tracking skills.

Visual Acuity: Dynamic visual acuity skills allow the athlete to maintain focus while in movement, improve tracking skills, and enhance visual coordination.

Visual Recognition: Momentary vision skills allow the athlete to quickly recognize patterns, read plays and process flashes of information.

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