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Why do it: Improves eye focus far and near. How to do it: Stand 20 feet away from 36-point letter wall chart; hold nine-point letter chart about six inches from eyes Position hand-held chart slightly below wall chart in line of sight Call out first letter on wall chart, then rapidly refocus to call out […]
Why do it: Develops hand-eye coordination and improves ability to make split-second decisions. How to do it:
Why do it: Enhances eye stamina and focus, which pilots need to complete precision maneuvers and athletes need for games.
Improve dynamic visual acuity,contrast sensitivity and focused attention
Improves dynamic visual acuity; that is, visual focus while in movement EQUIPMENT/SET-UP:
Improves peripheral awareness and field vision EQUIPMENT/SET-UP: Several basketballs
NUMBERED BALL DRILL Using numbered balls to improve contrast sensitivity in a dynamic
Study links athletic performance to vision training sessions January 2001 | US Air Force Academy, Human Performance Lab
Weight training model. Coach Wile explains that sports vision, as a training tool, is perhaps at the stage where weight training was 25 years ago.
Coach Wile, who has worked with professional athletes, world class athletes, Olympians, as well as intercollegiate athletes,